Raising The ???? Vibration Ancient Bloodline Born in JW cult found life path in astrology 11-20-21

This message is not for everyone.. Use you own intuition and place the energys where they fit.

My name is Eric for more info about me check the links in the description.

The ♍ 22 SagRising♐
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Keep your ears, eyes and mind open. No gender in tarot only energy.

I am a Student/Teacher
Recently I switched the channel content,to all of the longtime Subscribers I appreciate you and the support. A Divine Life path is what inspired the channel change. We use to talk cryptocurrency now we practice spirituality.

Tarot readers, healers and light workers are welcome. All signs and all skeptics.

My divine life purpose is helping others navigate through darkness to find light. Helping people that suffer from addictions and homelessness..
I live in my truth and The Divine leads the way.

I heal and grow more by sharing my knowledge.
My service is free I do not currently do personal readings..

Crystal Healing Work

The Virgo22 ♍

These videos are for educating, inspiring, healing messages.
Thank you for watching #astrology #world

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