S01E12 – Life Path Astrology, Twin Flames & More w/ Angel Quintana of Holistic Fashionista

Whether you are chasing your dreams, wondering what your life purpose or mission is, what career would suit you best, or searching for your Twin Flame, we have such a treat for you! I absolutely LOVED this interview with Angel Quintana, of Holistic Fashionista, and I know you will too!

Angel Quintana is the Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a community-based platform and magazine supporting those on their spiritual journey into the 5th dimension. Angel is a Life Path Astrologer®, Tarot Reader, writer, and business coach. With extensive metaphysical self-study, 30+ years practicing astrology, and having mentored thousands of holistic leaders around the globe in discovering their life path, Angel helps her clients and community discover their kismet clients® so they can heal themselves and help create the New Earth.

In today’s episode we will be chatting all things Life Path Astrology, Kismet Clients, Twin Flames, Starseeds, the 5th Dimesion and more. If you have been searching for answers to some of life’s big questions, then you are bound to find some inspiration with in this podcast session!

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