Scorpio & Life Path Numbers | The SECRETS Of Your Zodiac Sign

The next sign we are visiting on our journey through the universe is Scorpio.
The strong powerful, but also mysterious scorpio.

The time period for the Zodiac sign of Scorpio is from October 24th until November 22nd. Scorpio is under the influence of two planets equally, Mars and Pluto. The birthstone is Topaz.
The sign of Scorpio is considered to be mysterious and enigmatic. As a Scorpio you like to keep your secrets to yourself, but you are very interested in the secrets of your fellow men.

You have a special eye for the chasms of humanity and a fine sense of power and dominance.
You like to keep your distance from humans and the diversity of human behaviour, and therefore you are considered rather introverted.
But appearances are deceptive, your inside world looks very
As a scorpio you tend to go to extremes, you are often busy balancing your ideas and reactions, polarizing them as well as your environment.

And if you do something you do it all the way. All or nothing.
You possess a special depth of mind and are a good observer, a quick, astute thinker and analysts; you can devote yourself passionately to a cause with all your heart. You are then uncompromising and focused in a positive sense.

This Zodiac sign will dominate the vibrations of any life path number. So let’s have a look at how this is influencing your personality.

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