Secrets of Numerology for Number 6, people born on 6th, 15th or 24th

Dr. Sanjay Sethi (Gold Medalist) is a renowned Numerologist, Gemologist, Rudraksha Consultant & a Scientific Vastu Expert. With over 32 years of Experience and 92,000 Successful Consultations, he has mastered the art of Astro-Numerology.

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Number 6 Personality

People born in life path number 6 are magnetic personalities. They have the power to draw people near them. However, once they make friends they must maintain the friendships and relationships by not being moody and critical of others. These individuals like to be humanitarians and are genuinely interested in furthering the welfare of others. At the same time, they must avoid the tendency to put other people on pedestal as they can topple you down. One downside to the personality of number 6s is that they tend to be highly critical of others most of the times. This tendency is most likely to overshadow their other merits and make them lose their reputation among people. Since they feel they are the best ones on the earth, they tend to neglect the merits of others. In their tendency to give and sacrifice, these persons often overlook their personal welfare and become a slave to others. Often they do not know how to draw that thin line between helping and meddling with someone’s life. This will often land them in problems. Often they also tend to become over protective of their kids and dear ones not letting them experience what the world is.

Number 6 Careers

Being personable is the top quality of most people sharing the life path number 6. The most popular careers for this number are healing and teaching. These persons are highly social minded and like to work with the society. Once they choose a career, they are dedicated to it and retain it for so long in their life. Some of the best suited professions for these people are carpentry, construction, engineering, mechanics and land based occupations. These are the most loving ones of all the life path numbers. Therefore this quality highly reflects in the profession they take up. 

Number 6 Love Life

Individuals born in life path number 6 always believe in mature kind of symbiotic relationship. They are more oriented towards home and they do their best to take care of their family in the best possible way. Their selfless nature and highly caring tendency wins them a lot of friends of both genders. When they engage in a variety of kind acts, their partners tend to support them fully. When their relationship gets troubled, these persons have the capacity to get back the lost balance and restore the love and understanding. Therefore most of those born in life path number 6 can hope to find a lasting and fulfilling married

Number 6 Marriage

Number 6 belongs to the planet Venus which is known as the planet of peace and love. People born in life path number 6 are charming and highly attractive in matters of marriage and romance. These are highly emotional individuals who easily get carried away in relationships. In fact, some of them can be highly manipulative in the sense they might end up finding extramarital affairs. This can happen when the life partner they are married to is not able to maintain an emotional bond with them. This is because marriage for them is a way to connect mentally and emotionally with their life partner. They can never tolerate the relationship that does not give room for this kind of fulfillment. Therefore what works for these individuals is the bonding and connection rather than physical compatibility. 

Number 6 Compatibility

Those with life path number 6 have the highest potential to make a harmonious and long lasting relationship with their partners. The safety net that guards all their relationship is their readiness to sacrifice and ply the role of giver and forgiver. In most cases, they are the most favorite partners for their loved ones. When they enter into a relationship with the gentle 2s, they do very well. Since both these numbers are guided more by their heart than the mind, they tend to get together so easily. The conscientious and highly sympathetic 9 can be the next best choice to strike a compatible relationship. Also, there is no harm in exploring a marital union with the authoritative 8s and heroic 1s.
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