SECRETS OF THE DESTINY NUMBER 11 | Expression Number 11

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Your destiny number will give you information about the purpose and mission in your life. That does not mean your life is already written in stone.
The destiny number can tell you a lot about your tendencies in your reactions and behaviours.
It is very valuable to know about those tendencies, because if you are prepared you can control the outcome of a situation instead of being controlled.
The destiny number gives you a road map of your opportunities and possibilities in your life. But you decide which path to go.

In order to calculate your destiny number, write out your full name at birth; that includes your first name, all middle names and your last name on a piece of paper.
If you are married and have a different last name, you have to use your maiden name for the calculation of your destiny number.
The Pythagorean number chart is the most commonly used method, to calculate your name numbers.
Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a number, it starts with 1 and ends with 9, meaning the letter A is starting with 1 until the Letter I is ending with 9, and the letter J is starting with 1 again and so on.

When you assign the number to the letters in your birth name, calculate the sum of each name separately, reduce it to a single digit and then add the single digits together. You then calculate the cross sum down to a single digit.
If your final result is 11, 22 or 33, you do not reduce those number pairs to a single digit because they are master numbers.

It is the master number 11 as your destiny number we are talking about today.
Master number 11 is directly related to spiritual consciousness. If your destiny number is 11, you usually have an enormous knowledge and the ability to penetrate into the deep essence of any event.

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