The Dark Side of 7 Life Paths & 7 Expression Numbers in Numerology

In Numerology, if you are a 7 Life Path, 7 Expression, 7 Heart’s Desire, 7 Personality or were born on a day of the month that adds down to 7… this video is for YOU!

In this ‘dark side’ series, we are going to be talking about:
– The 3 primary ways the shadow of the 7 may show up, if it is in your core Numerology chart
– The root cause (WHY does this happen???)
– And the remedy… so you can use this spiritual DNA in a constructive and positive way to create your best life. 😉

Did the 3 shadow aspects resonate? Raise your hand below! And let me know: what things do YOU do to stay out of that dark side?

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