The Significance of Master Number 11

The Significance of Master Number 11

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Master numbers have more potential than the average number. They consist of the numerical figures; 11, 22, and 33. In particular, the number 11 holds many secrets. The more that we learn about 11 the more that we discover about ourselves and the universe.

Our life path number encompasses our strengths, weaknesses, purpose, and talents. When a person has 11 as their life path number, it indicates that they are a visionary and that they have great potential. Some of the greatest minds in history had this life path number such as Barack Obama, Bob Proctor, and Napoleon Hill.

It is considered to be the most intuitive number. Many people who are born with this life path number tend to be deep thinkers and dreamers. They often have a strong connection to the metaphysical world. Keep watching to discover four numerology secrets of master number 11 that the world needs to know:

#1. Master Number 11, the Soul Urge Number.

The soul urge number, or heart’s desire, show us what we desire and what we crave on a deep level. To have the number 11 means that we want and value intimate connections and meaningful relationships. It is important for us to bond with authentic people.

Those who have this soul urge number also feel drawn to discovering more about spirituality. As they grow older they will notice that they develop an insatiable need to learn more about the universe. Self-development is the reward that we incur if we pursue this course of life.

#2. Negative Traits of Master Number 11.

Though there are many positives to the master number 11, there are also negative aspects behind it. This number is connected to trial and tribulation. Many people who possess its vibration may sometimes feel as though their life has many ups and downs. They may also find that they are often deceived by people they know.

The brilliance of this master number can be marred by its difficult nature. It can be very highly strung and neurotic at times. The number 11 is also a workaholic and can sometimes trigger a dependency on alcohol and cigarettes in some people.

#3. The Illuminator.

Also referred to as ‘the messenger, the master number 11 is a guiding light for those that have lost their way. It is a beacon of hope and can provide inspiration to people that need it. The master number 11 can illuminate the darkness and offer clarity when things are unclear.

It also raises our spiritual awareness and enables us to receive words of wisdom from the universe. With its energy, we can feel closer to our higher power and divine essence. The number 11 is transformative and prophetic.

#4. Your Ideal Career.

As a master number, 11 is truly powerful. There are many benefits to experiencing its vibration, including its secret career options. If we have this number in our numerology chart then it can mean that we are more suited to certain positions and job roles than others.

Professions in areas such as psychology, clairvoyance, beauty, and media are ideal for people who embody the energy of the number 11.

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