The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Repeating Angels Numbers

The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Repeating Angels Numbers.

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Sometimes when you see the same numbers, like waking to see flashes 333 or a random check of the clock to see, 111. You may think it’s just a coincidence or mere happenings, but these repeating numbers are often for a reason.

In numerology, repeating numbers are called “Angel numbers.” We see these numbers because the universe is trying to tell us something. When celebrity and psychic reader and spiritual guide Megan Michaela Friester, known as mystic Michaela, stated that your repeating numbers are like your guardian angel trying to lead you or guide you. She says seeing a repeating number is like your angels pointing to you and making you feel, see, and hear.

They are trying to get your attention, and the numbers they send have meanings. Other than seeing the same digits, some people may see birthdays and other important dates repeatedly.


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