The TRUTH Numerology Life Path 9 Meaning Revealed

Life Path Number 9 is the number of completion and resolution, and those born with a Life Path Number 9 are natural leaders, and they assume they are in charge even if they are not.

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In Numerology, Number 9 is the symbol of wisdom and initiation.

It is the last number before the next harmony.

Numerology number 9 has the qualities of all the numbers 1-8. If you add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 you get 36 and if you add 3+6 you get 9.

Number 9 is highly emotional and spiritual. Numerology 9 holds the path towards mystical knowledge.

People with life path number 9 care a lot about their spiritual comfort, they care about the comfort of their soul.

They can realize from a very young age that material goods have no value for the soul.

People with life path number 9 see the imperfection of the world around them and they often have their own idealistic worldview.

It could be very hard for them to find the balance between the ideal world and reality.

People with life path #9 have the tendency to save the world.

They can be influenced by the emotional swings and it could lead them to depression.

The ideal and perfect world that they create in their mind is far from reality and that can make them unhappy.

People with life path number 9 are often very vulnerable.

It is often hard for them to make a decision.

They want to help everyone, but at the same time they don’t want to hurt anyone (“you can’t make an omelet without breaking couple of eggs”).

Life path 9 often feels alienation from the world and could be considered very wise or crazy by others.

Their idealistic worldview could be seen as a weakness by others.

Many people with life path number 9 are given a lot of potential at birth, but not many of them can handle it and realize their talents at their full capacity.

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