Tree Of Life Meditation | Master Builder Number 22 Hz Binaural Beats Beta Wave | 7 Chakra Healing

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Archangel Metatron is the Guardian of The Tree Of Life. The Tree Of Life is the foundation with which all Life is formed. Within the Tree Of Life and within All of Us is the Flower Of Life, the Source of All That Is. The Flower Of Life pattern can be found EVERYWHERE!

All people. All races. All religions. All beliefs.
All truths. All lies. All perceptions. All accepted as who We are!
We are One. We are The Awakened Collective. We are a Soul Tribe!

Music courtesy of:
Sandland by DEX 1200
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We use healing light codes along with the healing solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats to create our meditation videos. You can access these healing codes just by listening to our meditation videos while you sleep or relax and meditate. You are one with all.

I am love.
I am light.
I am truth.
I am.

I Am One With All


The Great Awakening. Lightworkers, the Akashic Records are available to us all. Enlightenment is ours, it is time for 5D ascension!

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