Vedic Numerology Number 5 Jyotish Secrets Occult Science Astrology

The fifth episode of the series on Vedic Numerology focuses on the Number Five. The planet associated with Number 5 is Mercury or Budh which is the closest planet to the Sun. Mercury is associated with childlike nature, intellect and logic. They are good in business and lucky in money matters though many times they are bored easily and hence suffer in relationships. The video details attributes, qualities and nature of psychic number 5 people as well as how they behave and react to the world and their surroundings. Rudi Kuhn is a numerologist who studied directly with late Harish Johari in this sacred Indian tradition. He is based out of Amsterdam. He is also a specialist in Ayurveda and Naturopathy. Gauri Babber is a spiritual aspirant based out of Mumbai and is asking questions to Rudi.

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