What I Love About Life Path # 6/33

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What is Numerology?
Have you ever wondered why a certain number has a vibration and why each number has it’s own consciousness? The word number is derived from the latin word “Nombre” which translates to NAME. In this essence Numerology is about opening your identity -as to who you are, and what you are decoding within the sphere of your consciousness.

Additionally, Numerology is the study of each number vibration and how it affects our environment, personality, and personal relationships. Numerology is a spiritual practice that can bring utmost awareness by delving deeply into the secrets of the universe in a scientific/mathematical way that can enable self-discovery & self-mastery.

Each number 1 through 9 holds a different vibration and energetic stance that enables each person to understand their own unique qualities further broadening their self-awareness and authentication. Through the numbers we attain in our chart, we can understand our innermost workings.

Numerology is important to learn because it will help understand why certain vibrations don’t match up with your own. It also explores the psychological stance of each individual — and through this practice we understand the importance of embracing the unique qualities of each person by furthering our understanding of their blueprint and ours alike.

A Numerology chart in its entirety is highly complex, and it consists of 15-20 numbers, but usually a Numerologist will dive in the core 6 numbers of each person to determine their personality traits, their deepest internal needs, their purpose in life, and highlighting weaknesses and strengths in their chart that will help and assist others to gain understanding.

Your core 6 numbers are the following.

1) Life Path Number
2) Birthday Number
3) Expression Number
4) Soul Urge Number
5) Personality Number
6) Personal Year Number.

How To Add Up Your Life Path Number?

If you’d like to add up your life path number, this process is fairly easy.
Your life path number consists of the entirety of your birthday. All you need is a little bit of basic math to find this number out. Let’s use an example here

Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) birthday: February 24, 1955

Step 1) You want to change the entire birthday in numerological form. Since Steve Jobs was born on February, his month will be convert to the number 2, since it is the second month of the year. This will make his birthday reveal itself as the following: 2/24/1955

Step 2) You want to add your birthday across – 2+2+4+1+9+5+5, when you add this number it becomes a 28.
Step 3) In Numerology, you want to keep breaking it down until it is a single digit. This is not inclusive towards the master numbers 11, 22, 33. Steve Jobs birthday adds to a 28. You want to add the 2+8 = 10. Continue adding until you get to ONE digit. We have to continue to break down the 10 from the 2+8. Next step we add 1+0 = 1.

Steve Jobs is a 1 life path number – which heavily reflected his intiaton and innovative skills.

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