What is My Life Path Number? How Do I Calculate It?

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You will likely find Numerology to be very interesting once you learn more about this incredible science. Numbers can reveal a great deal about you.

Your life path number and universal number are two basic tools that tell you about your numerological facts, but it only seems to work if you have an open mind for it.

If you want to learn numerology, the first thing that you should know is there are two different ways of getting numerology relevant numbers.

The first is to use summation of digits of your birth date to reach at a single digit that is known as your life path number.

The other option is to look at numbers that represent the letters in your name.

According to basic numerology, each single digit number has certain traits that are associated with it, either behavioral or physical. And all people possess a single digit life path number that determines their personality and the traits associated with it.

These numbers share the following traits of human personality.

The number one depicts liberty, determination, conviction and leadership traits. People with 1 as their life path number are born leaders and reformers.

The number two reflects a balanced personality with enough flexibility for cooperation. People with 2 for their life path number are quite balanced and organized by nature.

The number three symbolizes creative urges and imaginative power. With three as your life path number you are naturally born as a creative person with great versatility.

If 4 is your life path number your traits are, conventional, pragmatic and hard working. You could be successful in life with inherent dedication towards work.

The digit 5 signifies a rebellious and very liberated personality. With five as your life path number you can be quite unconventional in your approach towards life.

People that have 6 as a life path number, tend to be very family oriented. They are very responsible and turn out great parents.

The number 7 depicts a mysterious personality. People with seven for their life path number could be very cynical on the other hand they could be great thinkers and innovators as well.

Number 8 as a life path number would ensure materialistic success and status to a person.

Nine as life path number depicts elevated souls. Most of the people with this number are perfectionists.

These numbers and corresponding traits form the basis of numerology. In order to attribute these traits to a person, follow this example…

If Jane’s birth date is June 16th, 1985, her life path number is 1+6=7. So, 7 is Jane’s life path number and this depicts her character.

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