You are required to BREAK ‘IT’ – Master Number 11 TO graduate from JESUS to CHRIST – CQ -TTT. –

This might challenge the way think and see the sacrifice of JESUS and the belief you hold of existence overall, and very likely you will question your interpretation of the bible, but may I remind you that you are the word and only one number ‘lies = 8
‘On close examination, you will see not a lot has changed amongst the bible stories; and that each generation seems to just repeat the same pattern. Names may change but the numerical values remain; even if it reflects in other pathways.
This video reflects the Sacrifice of Jesus monumental, with total disregard for Judas’s contribution for the agonising fate that Jesus often spoke about ‘the man of God must offer himself … T
This video seems to suggest Judas’s numerical value number 10, was perfect seeds, masculine and feminine for the emblem of a new creation. It gives the impression that the two might have been brothers, even twins, with names so close in sound and in a number of letters.

To be honest this got me thinking what if we had gotten if all wrong, That whilst Jesus was talking himself into the crucifixion, Judas quietly carried out his own self-sacrifice, hanged himself, and did not wait for throngs of people to cast judgment? What if?
Eith way, doing this video revealed, that there is more than one pathway to Christ and that it is important to appreciate the polarities of number 14 and to find yourself.

You are required to BREAK ‘IT’ – Master Number 11 TO GET OVER JESUS and find the CHRIST.
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