Your Birthday Reveals Your Life Purpose ✨Life Path Numbers Explained

By decoding your birthday and uncovering your life path number, you can find out what your life purpose is and what you are meant to be doing right now in your life. Numerology can help us better understand why we feel and act in the ways that we do, as well as what our downfalls can be. I hope this video can help bring you back into alignment with your life purpose, or at least inspire you to know what you are truly capable of in this lifetime!

Life Path 1: 2:41
Life Path 2: 6:39
Life Path 3: 10:11
Life Path 4: 15:12
Life Path 5: 18:31
Life Path 6: 23:43
Life Path 7: 27:32
Life Path 8: 30:45
Life Path 9: 34:22
Master Number 11: 38:50
Master Number 22: 42:16
Master Number 33: 45:35

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I am a 26-year-old on a spiritual journey. My mission with this channel is to share my experiences along the way so that others don’t feel so alone in their own journey of self-discovery. So, come along with me as I discover new habits, make mistakes, explore new places, challenge myself to disconnect from technology, and rediscover what it means to truly be alive. I’m not your guide, YouTube has plenty of those, but I will be your companion. ????????

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