Your Personal Life Path Number for 2021 and Earth’s Yearly Energy- based on a 9 year cycle.

This reading is based on a 9 year cycle. Please do not use online numerology calculators for this reading as this is not your common life path reading. Calculate your number the way I showed in the video for an accurate reading.

I hope this video brings brings you guidance as you navigate through this year.

Overview: 03:19
Life Path 1 – 16:26
Life Path 2 – 19:57
Life Path 3 – 23:20
Life Path 4 – 27:32
Life Path 5- 32:49
Life Path 6- 36:38
Life Path 7 – 42:52
Life Path 8 – 54:57
Life Path 9 – 01:01:04

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